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Developer of the first astrological map
Locational Astrologer
Julian Lee
Various ACG-style linemaps.
Once Jim Lewis unveiled his revolutionary astrological map, it didn't take long for other software developers to jump in. In every case they have made improvements to the original ACG-style map, adding in more astrological factors (lines), allowing for alternate systems, and offering their own textual interpretations. Because of trademark concerns, most of these maps go by other names, and sometimes use alternate symbols or  nomenclature. But the same lines given on the original ACG map are present on these other maps, and often much more. It's all astrological mapping. The public has begun to use the term "astrocartography" as a generic term for astrological mapping in general, and even for the study of locational influences in general. 

The Original
Astro*Carto*Graphy Map

Equinox was one of the three original Astro*Carto*Graphy map licensees.  (The other is AstroData, Zurich.) Their maps are almost identical to the maps provided by Astro Numeric Service (below), but carry graphical enhancements such as lines in color, latitude crossings (parans) listed right on the map. They also print node and chiron lines (not included in the original Lewis formula.) You can order it online at:

The Original
Astro*Carto*Graphy Map

These linemaps show where planets come into conjunction with cusps of  four angular houses, in your relocated natal charts, worldwide. Their promo says that the map presents your "horoscope" in the form of a map, but that's an overstatement. Still  this is the first astrological map, and started  the locational astrology revolution. Everybody should have one, and you will  have fun when you  first see yours. In addition to the "angular lines" shown on the worldmap, the material  includes Lewis' "latitude crossings" theory, with a sheet showing yours. You get a quality worldmap (11x17), and a 48 page booklet giving  the Lewis take on the particular locational influences that are shown. All for just $18.
Astro Numeric Service

AstroLocality Maps

Features the same angular conjunction lines (just labelled differently), but adds important line markers for the sextile, trine, and square. Call ACS directly at 1-800-888-9983 to order, as these maps are not listed on their website. Ask for the "AstroLocality Map." You can specify U.S. only, Western Europe, Australia, etc. You can also get the world, but their "world" maps don't carry the valuable added aspect lines (trine, sextile, etc.) because it becomes an unreadable mess. For a world view, the maps from Astro Numerics are larger and nicer looking. However, if you want to study a single country, AstroLocality maps provide much more information than available on the first ACG map.

For those who don't have software, ACS is the premier provider of astrological charts and reports, with a wide range of specialty and arcane items, along with more conventional stuff.  Request their catalog. They have been around a long time and are innovators. The staff at ACS is professional, efficient, and friendly enough. Try to get to know who the long-timers are, especially if an operator doesn't know what you're talking about.  If you are into linemaps, the AstroLocality map represents a great advance over the original astrological linemap. You can produce maps just like these -- even  nicer -- with the KEPLER software, reviewed below. Maps are 8.5x11.
Astro Communications

On Astrological Mapping and Locational Astrology

The Geostel Brownbook
 New Guide For
Analyzing ACG Maps


Alternative and surprising guide to ACG map lines by practicing Locational Astrologer Julian  Lee. The Brownbook is enriched and clarified by over 3,000 personal interviews with people in their locations from 1989 to 2002, plus studies of public and historic figures, along with a heavy 12 year practice in relocation consulting. Reports the real life facts about living with various linemap factors, going far beyond  previously published material. The 112 page Geostel Brownbook lays out abundant juicy details, and  is more direct and particular than either the 44 pg. ACG  booklet, or the Lewis-Irving work.  Based on actual feedback and observation rather than theory, many of its findings are quite different from the first ACG accounts. It lays out the nitty gritty of locational factors, meanwhile ushering  you into an entirely new world of astrology.
$18 unlock code.

Get sample sections of the Brownbook free in this 1-minute E-Book Download.

Or, first read this link showing Julian's material on locational Moon-IC.

The Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy
Material from the first linemap developer Jim Lewis, put together  posthumously.  Currently out of print, it is billed as the "definitive work on Astro*Carto*Graphy," i.e. on the first astrological linemap, its particular selection of aspects, and the A*C*G  trademark name. But as the author died young and locational astrology is a vast new field in its infancy, and  developing rapidly, it is early to call any book "definitive." 

"The Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy" is an elaboration on the original ACG brownbook. (The booklet sent with all ACG maps from AstoNumerics.)  The book is well titled, since it deals in psychological theory and mythological exegesis, vis-a-vis location, more than with everyday practical life or phenomena. This approach to astrology  became popular in the 70s and 80s, and is well represented in "Psychology." Compiled by psychologist Kenneth Irving from Lewis' papers after his untimely death in San Francisco, it was out of print as of Jan. 2002. You can usually get the used paperpack at

To go beyond linemaps, contact:
Locational Analyst Julian Lee

Kepler generates astrological linemaps of excellent graphic quality, and lets you draw lines for the other major  aspects (Sextiles, Trines, etc.) -- on a range of map pallettes from the globe to regions and states. You can even put in lines for asteroids. Good-looking maps with a growing range of technical options by a developer aiming to be tops. See a full review below.  $300

distributed by LEHMAN ASSOCIATES
SolarMaps features a Geodetic option that is highly valuable, but deals in only the conjunction aspect.  The quality of the map drawings is a substandard. (See review below.) It costs  $195 and includes the ACS atlas program (necessary to run it) which is normally $195 by itself. ) See a full review below. $199.

WinStar Professional
Good looking maps, not as many options as the two above, but the best for studying  Local Space lines (Azimuth lines.) See a full review below. $199

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